The education system in Tanzania serves primarily the wealthy population and the large majority of Tanzanian citizens achieve at best the mandatory primary education level. The core problem with the education system in Tanzania is that children are set up to fail as they transition from primary school to secondary school, as secondary school is taught in English. This is a huge obstacle for students to overcome and largely they do not understand what is being taught. In primary school, children from all backgrounds are mixed. Some wealthy children that have English are in the classroom with children from the lower income rural villages and have not been exposed to English at all. Additionally, there is not special help available or tutoring for children that fall behind. English is taught as a subject in primary school; however, many of the teachers are not fluent in English themselves.


The Brighter Tanzania Foundation aims to eliminate poverty and inequality in Tanzania through education. They provide educational funding to give children from impoverished families a cost-free education and a chance at a brighter future. Education is critical to ending poverty. Educated individuals are able to get better job placement, make higher wages, and in turn put more money into their community. When that money remains local, the entire community is able to consistently reinvest in themselves, which helps even more escape the cycle of poverty.


Currently, Saving Grace, BTF's flagship school, is only able to offer pre-primary grades. However, Brighter Tanzania Foundation aims to continue educating students through their primary and secondary years. In order to do so, Saving Grace needs to relocate to a plot of land of a minimum 2.5 acres. There, they will build a brand new facility with everything students need, including a better playground, new dormitories, and a lunch room large enough to accommodate everyone. All funds raised by K2 Alpine Club, through Project X will 100% go towards the fundraising efforts towards the relocation and expansion of Saving Grace.

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- K2 Alpine Club Team

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