Why do we climb mountains? Why do we regularly risk our lives to scale a mountain peak or cliff? Perhaps “Because it’s there”, as George Mallory said in 1923 when asked why he was attempting to climb Mount Everest.


We believe we climb to have a sense of conquering a challenge. Mountaineering offers an array of mental and physical challenges that take place in some of the most remote, dangerous yet beautiful places on our planet. Conquering these challenges, feeling a sense of accomplishment and most importantly learning more about ourselves to inspire others is tremendously rewarding. However, the real challenge does not lie within the mountain. It’s been done before, by hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of people. If we are not going to have fame, then why do it all? We are the answer; conquering our own internal challenges, fears, limits and to reach our own mental, physical and spiritual goals.


We truly believe there is no way in conquering life without facing your personal challenges while helping the world face theirs. We believe one can not help perfect the world if they do not attempt to perfect themselves. We set to conquer the world, and help save the world, this the core purpose of Project X.


What does it mean to conquer the world? It means, we must face our darkest fears and challenges that threaten our mind, body and soul. We must conquer ourselves physically by pushing beyond our physical limits through the power of our minds and the faith that lies within our souls. We must survive through the harshest and most dangerous places on our planet.


Our mission is to complete The Explorer’s Grand Slam (EGS). These series of expeditions will challenge our body and mind to their limits and beyond. After successfully completing the EGS, summiting the highest mountain in each continents and reaching the highest and lowest points of the planet, we will attempt to conquer our souls through the most difficult mountain on our planet. K2. K2, as we believe, requires the interconnection of the three elements of mind, body and soul like no other mountain on this planet.


Project X is scheduled to begin in 2019 with the first expedition in the continent of Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The remainder of the project is being tentatively scheduled and will be update on The Expeditions page of this website, and throughout K2's social media channels. Details of each expedition and its specifics can also be found on The Expeditions page.

Thank you for your support!


K2 Alpine Club Team

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