About The Team

It was November 2016, Erik and Sevak at this time had been acquaintances for over a few years. On November 19 of 2016, along with a mutual friend, Erik and Sevak went on their first outdoor adventure together. Mount San Jacinto in Southern California.

After descending down the mountain, a conversation was struck on the ride home regarding the ability to climb Mount San Jacinto all 10,000+ feet from sea level in a single day. After a few days, Sevak had read about an existing route which is referred to as “Cactus to Clouds. He then contacted Erik to discover a great interest in a joint hike up C2C in February of 2017.

This marked the birth of K2 Alpine Club and the indescribable passion for mountains from both Erik and Sevak. It was like love at first sight, towards the dark and beautiful sides of mother nature.

From then on throughout 2017 and 2018, Erik and Sevak climbed local peaks, Mount Whitney, Mount Shasta and Mount Williamson to build the trust and teamwork they have today. Sevak always says, “We are perfect climbing partners, because we perfectly compliment each other; one of us is mentally stronger while the other one is physically stronger.” This creates a healthy and safe climbing team. Immediately, they both set their sights on climbing and exploring a set of prestigious  summits and destinations. 

They came up with Project X. A project geared towards reaching physical, mental and spiritual heights in their lives while helping others reach theirs.

Meet The Team

Sevak Keshishyan

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Sevak Keshishyan is the President of Data Hunters, a technology firm based out of Los Angeles, California. Sevak has an education background in Music and Electronics Engineering. He has been married for 5 years. Sevak has a passion for creativity; through art and music. His hobbies consist of playing classical music on the piano, traveling the world with his wife, spending time with his family and exploring the outdoors with his friend and climbing partner Erik. Mountaineering has become a very special part of Sevak’s life, and he wishes to fulfill his mountaineering dreams while he gives to those around to world to get one step closer to theirs.

"Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you." - David McCullough Jr.


Erik Apinyan

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Erik Apinyan is a Medical Industry Professional. Erik has always had a passion for medicine. After many years in the field of providing business services, Erik finally decided to pursue his professional dream in the medical field. Erik also has an extensive background in Law and Financial Management. He has been married for 10 years and has three children. Erik loves spending quality time with his family, traveling the world, and creating unique memories exploring the outdoors with his friend and climbing partner Sevak. Mountaineering has also become a very special part of Erik’s life. He is very excited about Project X and the accomplishments waiting both for himself and especially, for others.

“Life is about making an impact, not making an income.” – Kevin Kruse